Monday, March 15, 2010

Daddy/Daughters Date Night

C and the girls had another great date night at the Livin' Lovin' Luau, a yearly event by the Parent Connection. Such a wonderful organization! I LOVE how they have programs to support and encourage families, especially programs that really encourage the relationship between fathers and their children. So important for kids, especially daughters!

The girls just love going! And it is especially special because they get to spend time with Daddy-o! I didn't tell them until after naps today that they were going *C registered them for the event) but once I mentioned the place, they were all excited to go.

What a great time they had tonight! C says the night flies by. They start the date with dinner out. Then they get to the Y, sign in and the fun begins! The big hits are the inflatables and shaving Daddy (shaving cream and Popsicle sticks.)

There are a lot of other activities but these have been their highlights. They also get a really nice goodie bag that includes a new book and passes or discounts like a free bowling game or discount to an inflatable play place.

C's favorite part is surprising the girls with a stop for ice cream after the event. (I even got a treat too! I am enjoying a yummy turtle sundae.)

So again, a great time for them! I am so glad they went. I am so glad they are building these memories and bonds.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ice Skating Queens

S finished her ice skating "lessons" tonight.

We started about a month and a half ago when a friend, who was a former skater and instructor, invited us to a local rink for lessons.

S was so excited to take lessons. This was something she really wanted to do. Well, she's enjoyed ice skating so much that she usually wants to stay out as long as she can, which was about an hour. In this time, she's become confident on the ice. She can go around the rink pretty good and is gliding more and she was starting swizzles. I am so proud of what she has accomplished.

All this time, I have been on the ice as well, mostly to provide encouragement and because it's fun. I tried to get M out the first time, which was not successful. In fact, it was stressful because I hadn't been on the ice since high school, maybe, so there I was trying to get my legs under me and remember how to ice skate and then try to hold up this little 3-year-old who was pretty skittish about the ice. So eventually M had had enough and sat with Daddy.

Tonight was the last night (the arena will be getting rid of the ice for home shows and the like during the summer) so Miss L decided to have a little party for her students (about 4-6 girls.)
I asked M if she wanted to go and initially she wanted to stay home with Daddy but then decided she wanted to go to the party AND try to skate.

I was a little nervous about that, given the first experience, but figured we'd give it a try and if it didn't work out, so be it.

C took her out on the ice, held her hand for a short time until Miss L came up and said to M "Why don't you let go of Daddy's hand?" M did and she fell but Miss L showed her how to get back up. After that M was pretty much on the go! She had so much fun! She just took to the ice right away. It was so cute to see her and S skating together.

M fell quite a bit so she'll likely be sore tomorrow. Sometimes she fell on purpose, either because of goofing or as a way to deal with a little wobbling. But she got stronger and stronger each time she got up. She did take a couple big bumps on the bum but again, she got up and kept skating.

I am proud of the girls and I can see this being an activity for them for years to come. S talks about being a professional skater (among her many other interests) so we'll see.
If she is truly dedicated, then we'll consider formal lessons. For now, we will enjoy what has become a fun family activity. Even C was on the ice a couple times!
And I think we'll try to hit the skating rink this summer! That should be a lot of fun.