Sunday, June 28, 2009


This weekend we went as a family to a bowling lane. It was a blast. S has bowled a few times, like with friends or for a birthday party. She really loves it. She is even interested in joining a bowling league.
M, on the other hand, originally did not want anything to do with bowling. Maybe it was too loud for her.
Recently we picked up summer bowling passes for the girls, as part of the alley's Say No to Drugs campaign. They each get free shoes and two free games all summer long! Sweet!
Last week we joined some friends for bowling. S was super excited. M said she was but when we got there she was insistent on not bowling. Then she saw her friend M bowling and decided she could do it too. She has been hooked since!
Well, now that we are all bowling, we decided to make it a family event. We went to a bowling alley on Saturday and had a blast! C even pulled out his old bowling shoes from his brief league days. We each scored pretty good. It was a lot of fun for the family and I look forward to more family bowling adventures. That and taking the girls bowling, maybe on a weekly basis.

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