Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summertime fun!

We have really enjoyed these summer days. The girls love to be outside, especially playing with the sand and water table! What fun! They love it!
Their legs tell how much they love to be outside. M and S both sport bruises and scrapes all up and down their legs.
M loves to run. She runs everywhere and any time. It's hard to get her to use her walking feet. When she is outside, she seems to want to run faster than her feet can carry her, so she has had a few spills. She has also become very adventurous on our Wave Climber. Today she learned how to slip out of one of the circle windows at the top. And climb up through it. Plus she insists on climbing up the slide and hanging out on the top, not quite ducking under to stand on the platform. And she finds unique ways so slide down. Today it was backward and then sideways.
S has a talent for tee ball. We really need to get her a tee. She also loves to play with chalk and draw wonderful, detailed pictures. Last weekend we pulled out the sprinkler to water out grass patch stuff. We decided to let the kids play in it. S was hesitant at first and insisted C run with her. By the second time though she went through it on her own and had a blast.
Riding bikes is still a hit. I am amazed at how well M has done with riding her trike, with little help from us! She really picked up on riding all on her own.
The girls also like to go for walks. Most nights M asks to go for a little walk.
It is so fun to see them outdoors.

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