Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer, Summer, Summertime!

I am loving that we are into summer but hating that it feels like the season will vanish into thin air!
The temps are hot and humid, which is hard to believe given that what, two weeks ago or so, it was only in the 50's!
The flowers are still blooming. I even saw one of our purple cone flowers! And the clematis by the kitchen window finally exploded!
And I think I am getting some lettuce from that lettuce seed paper from Kraft! And the oregano and tomato plants! WOW! They have exploded! I see yellow blossoms on the tomato plants even!! Do those become the tomato??
We have been enjoying the outdoors, especially this past weekend.The weekend before, C had "tilled" up the corner bed (which had shrubs and rocks and such for landscaping.) All that was taken out and he filled in the area with top soil and grass patch stuff. There is already some grass growing!
This weekend he removed the poor looking mungo bushes that were in the back, right by the house. Not sure what to do with that dirt patch now. I have a packet with wildflowers so I suppose I could plant those for now. Maybe in the future I'll get some other flowering bushes or make into a flower bed. S has been wanting to have a flower garden.
The weather was just right for Father's Day and First Day of Summer.
We mostly celebrated Father's Day on Saturday morning. We like to do breakfast in bed for Daddy. The girls and I "sneak" out of the house to pick up McDonald's. It was so nice Saturday morning that we decided to eat outside on the patio instead. C got a picture album of pictures of him and us and the girls and cats and more; a coloring book from M; a travel mug from S; quite a few homemade cards and pictures and a Weber charcoal grill.
Our old grill was nice, small and did the job. We'd gotten it back in 2003, when we were in the duplex, our first home when we returned to the state. The people in the unit next to us were moving or something and asked if we wanted it. It looked pretty old and beat up but we took it. C found some replacement parts at a hardware store and it was just fine. We tried a larger model once a couple years ago but it was too big, C said. Then he'd been eyeing up this other model a lot so I thought it would make a nice present.
The new grill got right to work. On Saturday we grilled corn and brats and hot dogs. On Sunday it was steak, potatoes and a foil packet with mushrooms, onions, garlic and seasonings. Yum!!
What a wonderful summer weekend, let me tell you!
The girls also enjoyed it with playing in sand and water table to playing in the sprinkler. Lots of fun in the sun!
We also took time to relax too. On Sunday, after a yummy meal at Famous Dave's, C decided to stop at a local home improvement store and we found a porch swing for super cheap! We are actually using it on the swing frame that was left here at the house. So we have this beautiful swing to enjoy while the girls play. Ah! Summer, summer, summertime, indeed!

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