Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bay Beach

Here are pictures from our first Bay Beach for the summer. We've been there a couple times now, mostly because of birthday parties held at Bay Beach.

It is a cool little place. We've been there over the last couple years for company gatherings but this was the first time both girls got a chance to enjoy the rides together.

Bay Beach is just a place that has a wonderful old time feel. It's right on the lake and there are places for families to picnic and play.

There are carnival type rides, from the Tilt-o-Whirl and Scrambler to kiddie rides that just go round and round but the little ones have such a blast.

Bay Beach also has a Ferris Wheel (we went on it while there were storm clouds above!!), merry-go-round, little train and a giant slide.

It was so fun to see the girls on the rides. M even loved the Ferris Wheel. They literally bounced from one kiddie ride to another!

It is such a cool place! Perfect for families. I look forward to making Bay Beach part of our summer memories.

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