Friday, August 14, 2009

Finally downloaded photos!

I've been holding off serious blogging because we've had pictures on the camera to download...just not time to download.
So I'll have some posts out yet this weekend.
In the meantime, we are doing well. It is finally starting to feel like summer around here. My tomatoes are still showing signs of blossom rot bottom, or whatever it is called. I did spy a few that seem to be OK so maybe there is hope yet in a future crop.
C has been on blood thinners for a month now. We continue to pray that the medicine works. He has been busy at work with two projects.
I continue to freelance and am gearing up for co-leading our church's mom's ministry. I am very excited about that!
S wrapped up VBS this week. She really enjoyed it and learned a lot, made some great crafts and even made a couple friends.
Next week both girls will start ballet. S will move up to the next level class, which is an hour long class. The unfortunate thing is that the class is at 4:25, which means I will have to adjust nap time those days so the girls are up by 3, at least, so we can get out the door in time.
M will be taking Fairytale Ballet, which she sampled this summer. I really hope she will enjoy it. I plan to enroll her in a tumbling class (she has a knack with somersaults) but possibly in the spring.
We resumed homeschooling this week. Mostly we've been doing workbooks (alphabet, numbers and some kindergarten skills) and we have been going through some sight word books. I'll be pulling out last year's curriculum and upping it some with K-level things, as well as focusing on the skills S needs to know for K next fall.
I'll probably also start working some more with M, which I hope will gear her up for Patriot Preschool in the fall.
Summer is wrapping up quickly but that is OK. Autumn is my all time favorite season and S is already talking about apple picking!

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