Sunday, August 16, 2009

One giant step for S

A couple days ago S told us she was ready to have her training wheels taken off!! AAAAAAhhhhh! Gulp!!!!

So OK. We did. We really didn't have much of a clue how to teach her to ride without training wheels but we gave it a shot. C did all the work on this first try while I tried to keep M on one side of the driveway. He tried to help S maintain her balance and encourage her to keep pedaling. He tried to get her to ride from one end of the driveway to the other, grass to grass side, so that is she fell when he let go, she had a soft cushion. Later, they tried going down the street. I was not there to witness that because by that time it was hard to keep M out of the way.
Tonight S tried some more riding. She seemed a little more comfortable but still was inclined to leaning on one side. But there was one point where she managed to ride a little solo, without realizing it.

Practice, practice, practice, I keep telling her. Soon enough she'll be riding like a pro!

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