Monday, September 21, 2009

Clean sweep!!

This weekend we will be participating in our first neighborhood-wide garage sale!! Our neighborhood holds a garage sale twice a year.
So we decided it's time to clean out the basement, which means all of the baby items. Yes, no more baby stuff.
I've been going through totes and totes of stuff and it's been an interesting time. I see the clothes the girls once wore and I get a little nostalgic. I even went through all my maternity stuff and, man, I loved being pregnant! And I had some cute stuff. I found some shirts I loved to wear and part of me thought, I could get away with wearing that now. Tunic tops are in style, after all! But, no worries, Stacy and Clinton, I did not keep one maternity outfit!
I am nearly finished with pricing the clothes. I just sorted through two more totes tonight but I am going to call it a night and price it all tomorrow. Then I have a couple tables in the basement with stuff piled on them. I'll tackle that tomorrow as well. My goal is to finish the pricing tomorrow and then start setting up Wednesday.
I am excited to be doing this garage sale although I will be solo. My friend A is coming over with her kids to watch the girls so that is one less thing to worry about. And the weather looks great, which is a super plus!
I'll try to post something after the sale and include pictures. Wish me luck!

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