Sunday, September 13, 2009

S's first accident

S has been doing so well on her bike. But Sunday afternoon she had her first accident. Sadly, we didn't see it happen but we sure heard her halfway down the block!

She ended up with a swollen right corner of her lip, a small scrap on her chin, some road rash on her elbow and a little scrape on her front tooth.

Thankfully she was wearing her helmet because it got crunched up a little in the front too.

I am just thankful angels were watching over her. Chris was in our garage and I was talking to our neighbors. S likes to ride her bike up and down our street, which has little traffic so it's pretty safe.

We assume she was just peddling too fast and maybe got distracted by something and lost her balance and fell over. She was standing by the time we ran to her.

Again, thankful for the angels and helmet. I told her that when I was a kid, we weren't told to wear helmets. I showed her some of my scars from numerous bike accidents.

She jumped on the bike again Monday night without any fears or concerns. What a champ!

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