Friday, September 25, 2009

One man's treasure....

We are in the midst the first day of our first garage sale. There is a little lull now, which is a relief because my legs and back are aching!
It's been a busy morning. We had people in our garage almost as soon as we opened the doors, over half hour before the scheduled start time. Yes, there early birds do truly exist.
It's been busy. I have been surprised by what has sold, what hasn't. Some stuff I put out just to get rid of: we don't use or don't want.
I'd say we have some really nice stuff, clothes especially.
I look around the garage now and we still have a lot of stuff but we've sold a bit too.
Not a piece of the John Lennon Collection baby stuff (bed sets, lamps, mobile, walker, swing, etc.) has sold. :(
We still have a lot of toys left too. And I've dealt with two or three people who are looking for a lower price on the Little Tykes Swing and Slide combo.
This has been an interesting experience. I am tired but we've got a couple hours before we can call it a day and re-evaluate things.

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