Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm a mommy!!

Check out these little babies! My tomatoes are producing fruit! I am so happy!! It is truly amazing to see these little plants grow! I don't know how many are there but I am excited to see them grow. And then get to taste the little guys!

I water them every day. We even got some aqua globes type things to help with the watering, like for when we are out of town. I haven't noticed bugs or anything but I'll be keeping an eye out.

With life being so busy lately, it's been hard to maintain the back garden. But I finally tackled it this Sunday! WOW! There were a lot of weeds! But I got it done and should be good for a while yet.

We've had a couple bunny guests. They've been eating at our new grass in the back corner. My lettuce seems safe as well as the tomatoes. I have seen the bunnies in the back garden, eating at the weeds. Maybe I should cage them in and they can get all the weeds. :)

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