Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kindergarten visit

Today we had a visit from a local kindergarten teacher with materials to prepare us for when S goes to school next fall. Registration is in January! WOW!
The teacher played some games with S like finding letters, reading a book with Sight Words, looking at the alphabet, talking about how to write (from the top) and some counting. She says S is very ready and can see her being a big helper in the classroom.
S was very excited. I know she is ready and part of me wishes she could go to school now. I know she would love it! But I know we are doing the right thing to wait until it is time. Besides, I want to keep her home a little longer. :)
So, in the meantime, we will continue homeschooling, mostly re-using the curriculum we used last year with the addition of some more K level workbooks and focus on some of the skills she needs for kindergarten. We will also focus on reading, fine motor skills, tying her shoes, math and Spanish.

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