Monday, July 27, 2009

Take care of your library materials!

I love libraries! There are so many books to choose from. I still wish ours would offer a type of scanner that allows you to scan titles to be saved into a wish list on your library account.
A few years ago, I discovered that libraries have DVDs you can check out. How exciting to get DVDs for free and many newer releases!
I've enjoyed many DVDs from the library but it is so frustrating when you come across a DVD that is scratched to the point you can't watch the movie. Case in point when we tried to watch a family movie Saturday night. Grrrr!!!
Smudges, scratches and more! I really wish people would take better care of items that do not belong to them. Libraries have limited budgets so it's not like they can easily replace DVDs. And if people aren't more careful, that service might not be available any more.

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Jessica-MomForHim said...

Oh, this is so true! We check out DVDs from the library all the time. Mostly they are fine, but sometimes you come across a DVD and you are like, "what?! Did someone smear this in honey and then just put it back in the case?" Honestly! It's just gross sometimes!

We need to take care of this, or like you said, they may not offer it anymore. My parents live in a capital city, and their library system doesn't rent out DVDs or software or anything like that. Just books.