Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Family Update October 09

I didn't check when I last did a family update. But to date, we've celebrated a wedding anniversary and a birthday (mine). S's is coming up and M will follow in a month.
Everyone is doing well. We've dealt with some illnesses. I think the girls may have even had a touch of H1N1. Who knows because I still can't tell the two apart. They are the same to me.
Summer flew by. C brought in the summer stuff over the weekend while the weather was decent.
We haven't done a lot as far as homeschooling goes. Nothing structured that is. S does some workbook pages here and there but I have not pulled out last years curriculum. Maybe in January. :) I might just focus on reading with S because she is showing signs.
I might also start some basic things with M, although she continues to amaze us with what she knows! And she is super at Memory! WOW! She and S will be doing a preschool program at a local high school. S has done it before and she loves it! M is very excited. I just hope she will be a good listener. She continues to try is in that area. Well, not so much in the listening department because I am sure she hears us over and over again. But she doesn't always DO!
We've been apple picking and to a pumpkin farm. The girls and daddy are going to attempt carving the pumpkins tonight.
The leaves have fallen off one tree on our property. Soon the one in back will be bare. The air is crisp. I love fall!

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