Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stellar meal!

We just finished breakfast for dinner. I LOVE breakfast. I could eat it at any time. I especially love it a dinner-time. I think because it is so comforting. After a long day with the kids (don't laugh! you try it sometime), it is nice to make something comforting and warm and just so delish!
Plus it is super simple to make in a pinch! Pancakes, eggs and bacon....so easy and what could be better?
Breakfast also evokes images of crisp, cold mornings, comfy pj's, tousled bed head, sleep eyes and the smiles that come with pancakes off the griddle or buttery toast and eggs.
The ultimate comfort food!
Now S says we need to try a dinner meal at breakfast. Hmmmmm.....not as appealing but I am game. Now what to make?

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