Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We spent the weekend in MN at the Mall of America. The girls had a blast at the Nickelodeon Universe, the indoor amusement park.

S was brave and did not hesitate to try a couple roller coaster rides. One was a regular roller coaster. Another was one of those rides that takes you straight up and then drops you! S said her bottom kept coming up! Thank goodness for safety restraints!

M wanted to go on all the rides as well and did not take lightly to being told she could not because she was small. Thankfully there were similar versions of some of those big rides just for the little ones. Those appeased her for a little bit. She giggled the whole time on the Wonder Pets themed ride, which took riders straight up and dropped them several times.

Our families were also with us so we took the opportunity to have a small birthday party for the girls in the hotel we stayed at. It was a pool and pizza party of sorts.

Again, M showed us a new skill: she thinks she can swim! C says she started kicking her legs and moving her arms once she got into the water. She even wanted him to let go. Eventually she was in a swim ring, which helped her greatly. The next morning we hit the pool again and she spent the whole time in the swim ring, moving around on her own (we were within arms reach). S, on the hand, was a little skittish about being in the water. Probably did not help that she was cold and that the pool was kind of small and there was a lot of splashing, which bothered her. In any case, this is a clear sign that the girls need lessons!

Again, it was a good time and the girls are talking about going again. S also wants to go to the aquarium also in the MOA. We didn't go this time because we had visited it over the summer.

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