Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Letter 2009

I sent out Christmas cards this year (thanks to all the free or nearly free photo offers out there!) I didn't send out a Christmas letter because I didn't have time to write then. Well, I've got a few moments tonight so here is a short (only because my memory might not be working properly) update:

C: wrapped up with one project late summer and is on to another project. He recently wrapped up with his men's church group. He continues to input sermon notes for church. Through diet and exercise, he has shed quite a few pounds. He remains on blood thinner medications until next month, we hope.

L: A friend and I co-lead the mom's group at church. We have a great group of small group leaders and wonderful participants. I continue to team lead in the three year old class on Sunday mornings. I continue to freelance for local publications. Over the spring I was asked to write a weekly piece on local people doing good things. I really enjoy it. Homeschooling took a break this fall. Not sure why we were so busy but it just never fit and then I just decided to take a break. I hope to resume in January and may even start some things with M. I have a lot of great resources a friend has recommended so that will also be exciting to add to our plans.
S: turned 5 this year. We took a trip to Chicago over the summer and she is all a buzz about one day buying a car, moving to Chicago and being an artist and working with beluga whales at the Shedd Aquarium. She has also enjoyed pretend play as a chef so that has also been an interest. And she really has taken to anything to do with space travel so she hopes to one day go to space and stay on the International Space Station (which we've seen in the night sky a couple times. VERY cool!) She has her life pretty much planned out already.

M: turned 3 this year. She continues to be on the go, go, go! Honestly she is something. So uniquely designed. Sweet one time and sour the other. She is so independent, stubborn and determined when she gets her mind set to it. But then she can disarm you with her smile or laugh. She will be "I Do It!" one moment and then "Mama, I want a hug," the next. This fall she and S attended Patriot Preschool and she loved it! They both graduated from PPS today. I look forward to the spring program, which will be a little longer. And I plan to enroll S as well. I know she really enjoys it.
This year the girls were both in the children's church Christmas program. This was M's first time on the big stage and she did a really good job! We are so proud of the girls! They love singing and this was the best time for them! M wants to go on the big stage again but hopefully Miss Impatience can be patient enough to wait until next year!

We are looking forward to Christmas Day at home. And we get to go to our church on Christmas Day! After that, we will be making various travels to visit family. I am praying for good weather, unlike last year.

We pray everyone is doing well! Please keep in touch or send us updates, addresses and the like!

Many Christmas blessings to you! As you open your gifts, remember the greatest gift of all is not in a box but the one sent from heaven above!

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Amber said...

Your family is absolutely beautiful, thanks for letting us be a part of your lives!