Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where are the Jingles??

One of my childhood Christmas memories is of snacking on Keebler Holiday Jingles and Almond Crescents. It's been a couple years, maybe, since I've had them. But a couple weeks ago, I thought about them and sought them in our local grocery store. None. I almost thought they weren't made anymore but was given some encouragement when I saw a Kebbler ad with a box of Jingles in the picture.
I've been looking every time I go shopping and have even kept my eyes open at other stores (like a local mega superstore) but I have not seen them. I know they are a seasonal item so either I am completely missing them or they are just that popular! (And, no, I have not asked management where they are, figuring that maybe my figure and cholesterol don't need those cookies.)
Well, today the desire was real strong for Jingles so I was on a mission to find the cookies at my store. I scanned the aisles and pounced on any holiday display I could find at my local grocery store and still NO Jingles!
BUT I did come across Salerno Santa's Favorites Anise Flavored Cookies (which look and taste like Jingles). And the company also has Almond Crescents. I decided to give them a try.
The Anise Flavored ones were OK. They did remind me of Jingles. But the cookie seems smaller than Jingles. I'll still eat them though.
The Almond Crescents were good although I wished they had a touch more powered sugar on them.
The good thing is they have 0g trans fat and no cholesterol. So I don't feel totally guilty. :)
I still miss the Jingles.
But then again, maybe I am not missing anything at all. I just found this blog posted in 2007 about the writers own lament over missing the beloved Holiday Jingles. (I did not realize there was so much history between Salerno and Keebler and the whole story behind the Jingles.) The writer found both the Keebler and Salerno brands at a store, decided to taste test both and concluded that the Keebler Brand was nothing like they remembered.
I found another blog with the same kind of frustration over the Keebler brand recipe and how the Salerno brand is THE original. WOW! So much history that I was totally unaware of. So did I eat Keebler or Salerno brand as a kid?? I am pretty sure it was Keebler but maybe not.
Sounds like I need to do a taste test as well!

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