Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas trees

We put our trees up last weekend, along with the outdoor decorations.
I love our trees. They are so pretty.

The one in the family room is our newest tree. We got it at the end of the season last year. It's about 7 ft. and C put lights in it. M got to put the star on the top. S says it is full of ornaments. I say it is full of memories.
I love ornaments, especially the ones that represent memories. I always pick out an ornament for each family member. On the tree this year is an angel of peace and two Star Trek ornaments (a communicator and Captain Kirk surrounded by tribbles.)

Also for this new tree, I bought traditional glass balls: red, gold, frosted white and red and gold. They look beautiful in the tree!

Our old tree, the one we've had since S was little, went into the playroom for the girl's ornaments, like Sesame Street characters, ballet shoes, a ballerina and more. Today for an Advent activity, the girls got to add candy canes to their tree.

The tree is a pre-lit one. Unfortunately over the summer the box must have fallen, destroying the tree base which held the fiber optic feature of the tree. But C created a new base, which fits the tree perfectly! And the regular lights still work.
Also for our holiday decorations are several Nativity scenes. The girls have a Veggie Tales Nativity scene in the play room. The first Nativity set is under the tree in the family room. The set came with Mary, Joseph, a cow and a sheep; all dolls so children can play with it. Mary and Joseph are not in the stable now because they are still making the journey. They were in the girl's bathroom this morning. :)

The other Nativity scene is a Willow Tree set, which is on the fireplace mantle. The stable we use was a find at a local resale shop. One day I hope to get the Wise Men to complete the set.

I love looking at the Nativity sets. I think about Mary and Joseph and wonder what they were thinking when the events started to unfold before them. What a wonder to think that you are going to carry and raise God's child! He loves us so much! It amazes me to think about how Jesus came into this world like every other earthly child. And then to be the parents to hold that precious bundle in your arms......! Living, breathing, flesh of God! What a reason to celebrate!

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