Sunday, April 26, 2009

April Showers

It's hard to believe that a couple days ago it was sunny and warm. The girls were in T-shirts and sandals. We pulled out the bike trailer and used it as a jogging stroller for our walks outside.

And now, it's cold, damp, cloudy and icky. Spring in Wisconsin!

Friday, as I said, was gorgeous! Our neighborhood was hopping because of the multi-family garage sales.

The girls and I enjoyed a picnic in the backyard at lunchtime. After nap time, they played outside: riding bikes and the like before we took a walk around the neighborhood. Then they played in back at the sand and water table, which was a huge hit last summer. Despite the very windy conditions, C also grilled up some brats. Yummy!
Later that night, C and I sat out on the porch to enjoy the evening. We were surprised to see a hawk or owl on our mailbox! It flew away before we could take a closer look. Earlier that day, there was an eagle flying in our neighborhood.

For the weekend, we have been indoors. We have had a lot of rain, which I know is good for the flowers.

I am hopeful that it will dry and warm up soon! S starts Patriot Preschool this week so I'd like to take M to the parks instead of Target while sister is in school. :) Oh well. If the weather remains cool this week, I suppose we could visit Target and get over to Kohl's for some summer shopping.

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