Sunday, April 26, 2009


With the warmer weather comes yard work!

Last weekend, C started tackling the last corner bed in the back yard. Last year, we cleared out two of three landscaped beds in the back yard, mostly because we wanted to open the back up more but also because that's a lot of landscaping to maintain and C and I do not have green thumbs. (I like to think one day I could do a vegetable or herb garden but maybe that is more work right now. However, maybe if I started something, I am sure S would love to help out!)

Anyway, we started on the third bed last year and, by fall, all that was left was landscaping rocks, a bird house, two shrubs and a couple big boulders.

Last weekend, C and a neighbor managed to get the big boulder out of the ground. And then, in the drizzle last Sunday, C and I managed to roll the biggest boulder across the backyard to the flower bed by the pond.

It was a beast to move but we got it done! Now the big rock. a couple middle size rocks and the birdhouse have been relocated to the flower bed by the pond.
C also removed the landscaping rocks from the back bed, which he then piled this past Friday at the end of the driveway with a Free sign. The rocks were scooped up in less than two hours!

Now two bushes remain in the back bed. One is a lilac bush, which will probably get relocated to the pond flower bed. The second bush is unknown so we are waiting for it to flower so we can take a picture and ask around.

In other yard work plans, we will remove a mungo pine bush in the front, in the bed next to the front walk way. Last year it was infested with saw fly larvae and, from what our new lawn care guy said, it looks like the larvae managed to get some eggs planted in the needles.

His recommendation was to get rid of the bush, which I agree. It is a pretty sad looking thing to begin with plus it blocks our view of the street from the front porch. Maybe while the ground is still wet, we can get that pine bush up. Also I'd like to get rid of the strange pine type bush/ground cover in the bed under the front windows.

I am curious to see what flowers return this year! The previous owner did plant some nice things. I'll have to think about the vegetable/herb garden idea. My concern is rabbits. BUT, if I got that garden hutch that we saw at Sam's Club.....that would make a cool garden! (Now THAT would be a Mother's Day gift, C!)

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