Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Growing With Jesus

I recently bought a new devotional for S. We've been through Our Together-Time Bible by Gwen Ellis a couple times now so it was time for something new.
I found at Family Christian Store Growing With Jesus, 100 Daily Devotionals, written and illustrated by Andy Holmes.
It is so cool. Each page has a Bible verse, a devotion and then some cool, quirky, amazing fact.
Here is the product description:
God loves to see us grow! But more than anything, He wants us to grow closer to Jesus. Just as we mature physically, we can also grow on the inside. How? By spending time each day with Jesus.
Growing with Jesus: 100 Daily Devotionals contains 100 quick readings to help the reader grow stronger in his or her faith. Each devotion provides a Scripture verse, a fun thought to grow on, and a fascinating 'factoid' about our amazing, ever-growing body and the world around us! From the uniqueness of our fingerprints to a shark that goes through 24,000 teeth to how our body grows at night and then shrinks back during the day.
Growing with Jesus is the one book that will help kids grow as much on the inside as they're growing on the outside!
I love how this has real life application stories. And the facts are pretty cool too! I think S, and us, will all grow with Jesus.

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