Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Family Update

Hello folks!
Sorry I have been slack on the blogs. It's been busy here with a lot of this and that. Plus, the weather has been nice-ish, this past weekend especially. And, yet again, C and I are battling a cold. S had it last week. M, thankfully, has not been affected.
But I thought I'd better get something out finally so here is a family update. My freelance work has slowed down considerably, given the state of the economy. One of the publications I write for has been put on hold indefinitely. Chances are the company will review the magazine in the fall.
But this is actually a blessing, given that I can focus on homeschooling and the promise of spring means getting outside more.
Last month I stepped up to take over as leader of the mom's group at our church. I am pretty excited, and nervous, about it but am looking forward to working with a great group of women and helping mothers be the mother's God made them to be. We have our last meeting for the semester next week. Then I will have a planning meeting in May so that we can get some fresh ideas for the fall semester.
C is still busy with his project. Working with a company out West means some late-ish nights so that he can communicate and work on things as the folks out West hit them.
The spring weather also means bike season! C pulled out the bikes this past weekend and lubed them up. He is ready to hit the trails! He plans to ride his bike to work again during the warm months.
S, as I mentioned earlier, had a cold late last week. But it was short-lived, thankfully! We were able to enjoy the outdoors Saturday, which was a truly beautiful day. She helped Daddy get some of the outdoor stuff out. We also played outside and visited our favorite park and the adjoining Trestle Trail Bridge. She rode her bike the whole length and back of the trail.
Also, she braved the park's super slide....a long metal slide that goes down the side of a huge hill. Last year, she and Daddy rode down it together. But this year, she decided she wanted to do it on her own. I, of course, was totally nervous but the two times she did it, she was like a pro. The third time, I think, shook her up a little because she landed on her bottom. The slide, by that time from the number of uses and so forth, caused the slide to get a little slippier.
S has also become very independent in dressing herself. She comes up with some creative outfits. Some are pretty decent but then there are some that are rather interesting. Saturday, for instance, she wore a light purple velour-type leotard with a turtleneck underneath and wild striped tights. She has also been helpful with getting M's outfits.
M recently learned how to open the door knobs in the house. So we pulled out the child safety knob covers for the master bathroom, the master bedroom and the basement door. She has also been huge on "I do it," so she tries to do everything, from buckling herself into the booster seat and her car seat to getting a stool to reach the bathroom sink and turn on the water. It is amazing to see her accomplishments but also can be frustrating. :)
Anyway, we are excited about the warmer weather, even though it continues to tease us. Monday morning we woke up to snow but by Friday it will be 80!! Go figure!

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