Tuesday, March 3, 2009


In case you couldn't tell from past blogs, I love to get freebies in the mail!
I love to try a product so I can make a decision on whether I want to buy it in the future. And the coupons that come with the product are a bonus! I also love when the freebie is a coupon for a full sized free item.
But what stinks is when you can't enjoy those free samples because of poor packaging.
Today was the third time in a couple months that I have been met with a ruined sample because of poor packaging or whatnot.
Today a sample of microwave popcorn came in. I was surprised and then disappointed when a kernel of corn fell out of the main envelope. And then, upon inspection of the product itself, there was a small hole in the actual microwave popcorn bag, with another kernel ready to slip out!
My enjoyment of a free sample of mini rice cakes (shipped in a sturdy cardboard box) was thwarted a month ago because the bag was open.
And another free sample (a medicine) had been crushed and was leaking out of its package!
Oh well. The items came with coupons so I can still get some savings to enjoy them.

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Jessica said...

I got a sample of mini rice cakes a few months ago that was TOTALLY obliterated, too! I was really bummed. :-(

Speaking of bummer samples, I never got my coupon for the Kid Essentials ($14.99). I know you blogged about getting yours, and I have been patiently waiting, but now I'm pretty sure it just ISN'T coming! I'm SO bummed!