Thursday, March 5, 2009


So now I know why I've been led to couponing!
Yes, I feel led. Over the years, I tried to do the couponing thing with little success.
However, since last year, I've really been caught up in it. The deals are super great. Add coupons to sale items, plus double coupon days, and WOW! I've gotten some great steals! (This week I had an awesome time at Walgreens and Pick N Save/Copps.)
But I have acquired quite the stockpile of groceries, as I figured would happen. I mean, how can you pass up steals?
The question of what to do with all those groceries is pretty easy to answer: donate it. Seriously, what do we need with a dozen boxes of cereal or cans of soup or tubes of toothpaste?
There are plenty of people in need. We are so blessed that we can buy the food and items we need. And, with coupons, I can get even more, which we can share with those in need. How can we not??
God is so good. He has placed on my heart a greater desire to give and pointed me in a direction in which we can give.
This afternoon I filled three large grocery bags with food from the stockpile to take to our church for its food pantry. I will also be donating household and health products (all that shampoo, toothpaste and feminine products!) to a local radio station that is collecting items for area homeless shelters. If you want to find out more (including a full list of items for donation) visit Family Christian Radio. Cleaning and personal care items such as laundry/face/body soaps, hair and dental care products, facial and bathroom tissue, diapers, deodorant, first aid items, lip balm etc. are needed. Collection dates are March 7-31.

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