Friday, March 13, 2009

Who was that??!!

I received a shock when I saw myself on the local news this morning!
It was a segment about a recent resurgence of the flu virus in the area and there is a clip of me getting the flu shot....nearly five years ago!
I remember that day as if it were yesterday. C and I were in line at the local hospital, in the cold and wind for part of it, waiting in line to get flu shots. I was pregnant with S too! And I met my friend Jessica in line, who had her oldest with her and was also pregnant with number 2!
Anyway, at that time a news crew was taping the flu clinic because then there was a shortage of the vaccine. The news crew asked if they would tape and interview me as I got my shot. No problem, I said.
I think that video footage has surfaced a few other times, maybe even last year. Still, it 's a shock to see myself from back then.

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Jessica said...

No way, that's crazy! I remember, too! :-)

You're a blogging maniac lately! 3 posts today, 3 posts yesterday...!

(Where'd the haircut one go?)