Saturday, March 7, 2009

Homeschooling update

We wound up taking this week off due to C being out of town and having an unexpectedly busy week.
We are at "V" so we will focus on vegetables and volcanoes. I also finally got the materials I wanted for a lesson on Trains so we'll be doing that as well.
S still enjoys homeschooling. She really absorbs the materials. I am amazed by what she picks up.
I've been thinking ahead to summer. I am considering working on Spanish with her as well as reading.
Earlier this week I ran in to some teachers from a local elementary school. I asked what kids need to know by kindergarten. Here are some things: count 1-20, shapes and colors, some letter recognition and if they can print their name, that was good.
I am amazed and a little worried. S can do all of those and more! And with a year left before she can go into Kindergarten, she will be learning even more!
The school rep I spoke to recommended bringing S in for a screening to see where she is at. She also recommended we work on rhyming books because I guess rhyming is supposed to help kids with reading.

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td99 said...

I wouldn't worry about it. I've heard at numerous conferences, orientations and meetings that kids are starting kindergarten with a really wide range of skills. Some can't even recognize the first letter of their name and some are reading alreay. Definitely have have her screened though!