Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On the road again....

....To recovery that is.
Yes, we are getting over another sickness. This time the flu bit us. But thankfully just C and I. Praise God, the girls have not been hit. I continue to pray they remain in good health, especially in the next couple weeks!
It all started with my cold, which cropped up last Friday. It started as sneezing and the like, I even felt a little unsettled in my stomach, but it was all relatively mild.
Saturday I felt more congested and worn out.
Sunday, very early morning, C woke up sick as a dog. Up until that point, he was totally fine, no signs of sickness.
We didn't get much sleep that morning...him with his trips to the bathroom and me because of my congestion.
He was cold, shivering and miserable, no matter how many layers he had on. By the afternoon I was feeling the same: cold, shivering, body aches. It was horrible.
On top of all of this, my friend J was visiting for the weekend. She had taken some vacation time to see us. What a vacation!
We were able to go scrapbooking Friday night and to the midnight release of Twilight. She also got to make her Barnes and Noble trip. But sadly, I was not much company much of Saturday.
With Sunday looking like a day to be in bed, J decided to cut her trip a day short and went home. She admitted she also was feeling a touch of something and figured if she was going to be sick, she wanted to be home.
Once again, the girls had to deal with a mom and dad who just did not have the strength or energy. Mostly, our wish was that we had someone who could take them for a couple days so we could focus on getting well.
But they were good. They watched a bit of TV so C and I could catch up on some rest. They played by themselves and together, too, which really made it easy for us to try to recover.
I was feeling pretty good by Monday. The worst was Sunday, when, by evening I had a low temp.
But Monday was good. C stayed home Monday and Tuesday, recovering from some aspects of the flu. He seems to be doing much better, even made it in to work today.
I've got a little sinus congestion yet but I am feeling fine otherwise.
I pray this is our last bout with illness. It has to be! This has been a long winter and I don't relish spring and summer colds. Those are by far the worst!

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