Friday, March 13, 2009

Fabulous Freebie Friday!!

I went to the mall today and had a great time collecting my Freebies!!
(I did also have a frustrating moment at the mall Target, which you can read about below.)

I got some great freebies, thanks to inside news on blogs like Deal Seeking Mom and Freebies 4 Mom.

I went to Bath and Body Works and got a free True Blue Spa item ($6 value), with any purchase! The cashier was none too thrilled with my purchase, though. I picked up two $1 bottles of their new lotion Butterfly Flower. I was planning to get their new Zip and Go Tote but, due to its popularity, they were out and I was told that they were not sure if another shipment would be in. And I really didn't need anything else, since I was there two weeks ago and stocked up on stuff, including a free Signature Collection body wash. So any purchase is any purchase.

My next stop was to Victoria's Secret, where I've been checking in over the past two weeks to redeem a coupon for a free PINK Nation item, which I got for signing up for PINK Nation. The item was suppose to be a tote but the stores have been out and not sure when they were going to get more so I was able to get a free PINK panty instead! What fun!!

Finally, I went to aerie across the hall, where I got a free panty for signing up for the "a-list." (You don't need to print out a coupon to get the freebie; just drop in the store.) By signing up for the a-list, you get a freebie every month, coupons and a free gift in your birth month! Sweet!

It was a fun time...until I went to Target!!!

There they would not accept my printable coupons for Motts applesauce, Pepperridge Farm Goldfish crackers or Johnson's Buddies products!

I had a whole bag of stuff and walked out empty handed.

My applesauce and Goldfish cracker coupons would not scan, so they were not accepted. Funny because 1) they were Target coupons, not regular manufacturer coupons and 2) I was at that store two days ago and had no problems then with the same kind of coupons!

My Johnson's coupons were not accepted because the coupon was for more off than the two items combined. I was trying use a $2 off 2 Johnson's Buddies bar soap. So even though there would have been a few pennies overage (and I had more things to purchase in my basket), they would not take the coupons. Also, I've used the same kind of coupons at that store before without any troubles!

Grrrr! I'll have to try my luck at the other Target.

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Jessica said...

Sorry about your luck at Target! They are so variable about their coupons. I had no problem at my Target, even using multiple coupons in one transaction. But I have found it highly depends on your cashier and how well the scanner works.

Good thing your mall trip wasn't in vain with all those other great finds! :-)