Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring cleaning?

The cleaning bug seems to have hit me, although I would not necessarily call it Spring Cleaning.
I think it all began with a corner in our master bedroom. Since we moved here over a year ago, there has been a pile of stuff in a corner in our bedroom. Mostly it's all my stuff: a box containing various freelance magazines, the shoes I wore in our wedding, the wedding proofs binder and various items; and then a pile of more magazines and clippings and other odds and ends. Plus there were a couple other boxes stacked near the corner.
Anyway, it had all been there for a "while." :) And, truth be told, it was blocking access to my dresser drawers. I'd have to move something aside if I needed something. I think, for the most part, I stopped using those drawers for everyday things. :)
Well, I finally decided it was time to tackle that mess. And that led to other things that have been lingering around for a while. I'm not saying our house is a mess but I do have relatively organized chaos....piles of things that make sense to me. :) And most are tucked away, like in a corner or a pile under the coffee table in the family room.
Well, now it's time to straighten up those areas, more for my peace of mind, I think.
And it's nice to be able to see a cleared up spot.

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