Thursday, March 12, 2009

The promise of Spring!

I am so excited to enjoy warmer temperatures this weekend!
OK. So it's not 75 degrees and sunny....when was the last time we enjoyed that??....but we'll hit mid 40s for the next few days. Ah! Spring!
I think I am getting a bit of spring fever and it all comes from the time change...the sun being out later and all. So now as we eat dinner, I look wistfully out our patio door and long to walk and breathe fresh air.
Wednesday is a case in point. It had been cold and extremely windy all day and yet as I was eating dinner I remarked on how it looked so beautiful outside, like we could go out for a walk. Shortly after my comment, a gust of wind blew, bending the trees at the property line.
Oh well. Hopefully we'll be able to enjoy the outdoors over the next few days and see the rest of this snow disappear!

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