Saturday, February 21, 2009

All better now!

I think we are very nearly free and clear of the cold that knocked us down earlier this week. I still have slight sinus pressure. I hear C sniffle once in a while. S seems fine. M coughs or sneezes now and then so she may not be out of the water yet. She hadn't had the cold yet really.
We got hit by snow this weekend that took me by surprise. Honestly, I have not been watching the news lately. I used to watch a morning program but our mornings are usually pretty busy so I don't get that chance to sit and watch. And when I am on-line, I really only get the national breaking news type of stuff.
So when I saw the snow falling this morning, I was shocked. And a little disappointed. I was so happy to see grass on the ground.
We had to venture out in this stuff to take S to her preschool art class and to get to the library (we hadn't been there all week and I was chomping at the bit to get the books I had on hold.)
The roads seemed fine on the start of our outing. But along the way, the roads proved otherwise. We were going along a curve on a highway when the van started to slide off the road! My heart went into my chest as the van slipped one way and then another. I don't know if what I did was right but I knew I was not going to jerk on the wheel to get us back on course. Instead, I eased up on the gas a bit (I don't think I was speeding, it was the conditions and the roads had not been plowed) and then very lightly moved the steering wheel to try to get the van in the right direction....away from the steep ditch! We swerved three or four times before everything seemed OK. By the time I got over to exit ramp, I was shaking and felt sick. Thankfully the girls did not comment or seem to realize anything had happened.
One thing was for sure, I don't want to experience that again! I made sure to avoid the highways when we went to the library and then home!!

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