Saturday, February 21, 2009


Here are the rations for our Five Day Hunger Challenge.
One five day ration for one person consists of: 3 cups of dry oatmeal, 5 cups of dried beans and 5 cups of dried rice.

I've been menu planning of sorts, given that dry beans need to be soaked overnight and oatmeal and rice have different cook times. Also, we can include in our pantry things like spices, tea or coffee, milk, flour.

Some of the possible meal options include baked oatmeal, tortillas, black bean soup, red beans and rice, rice pilafs and lentils and curried rice. Also, for lunches we can roll beans and rice into a tortilla or mash up some pinto beans into refried beans and spread that on tortillas.
Our food kits came with a recipe book and the church has an on-line resource where participants can post updates, ideas and more.

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