Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Summer day!

OK. So today was not quite a summer day but it was gorgeous! I think it was supposed to hit 55 degrees today. It was prefect though. The snow is melting so we can see the patio now and large patches of grass in the backyard.
The girls and I went outside for a bit after lunch. They played with bubbles and sidewalk chalk and rode their bikes. M did a good job on her little trike. I almost think she could get the hang of it by summer.
They even discovered the large puddle at the end of our front walk. M had a blast jumping off the front porch step into the puddle!
My favorite game was drawing five shapes, spaced out on the driveway, and then calling out shapes for the girls to run to and do different activities. Run to the star and jump three times. In the middle, I drew a comet where we always spun in a circle. Eventually I incorporated some of the ballet activities, like Princess Walk to the Moon or Sashay to the Heart. It was a lot of fun and turned into a PE class for S.

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Jessica said...

Great idea with the chalk! I'll have to remember that one!