Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Popcorn junkies

I've created popcorn junkies, in M especially!
It all began with Patriot Preschool. When S was in class, which was three days a week, we'd at least make one weekly stop to Target, where I'd treat M and I to some popcorn while we killed time browsing (pre-coupon days).
So I worried that we'd never be able to enter a Target without M crying for popcorn. Indeed, the one time I tried, she threw the biggest fit, which I calmly ignored as I was set on my plan to hit a couple stores before picking S up.
The past couple times we've been to Target, we've managed to make it through without popcorn.
Today, however, I decided to treat the girls. Sadly, when we arrived, the food spot (what's it called?) was closed.
Thankfully M made no fit. She calmly accepted my words of "No popcorn today."
S, on the other hand, surprised me when she sulked and weeped over the closed popcorn counter.
I guess she had her mind set on the yummy treat. I know I had my mind set on a fountain Coke.
But, in the end, the sweet aroma of popcorn filled the air as we made our way to the check-out lanes.
So we got popcorn (and my Coke) in the end, which was a good thing because I was able to use it for the trip to Kohl's. The girls munched on cup after cup on popcorn while I browsed the sales racks and tried some things on. The popcorn lasted until the trip to the dressing room. Marie then tired of the shopping stroller and squirmed, lost one shoe and gave one fierce tantrum at the shoe department. But we made it out with some awesome purchases and bellies full of popcorn.

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