Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another motherload!!

More treats were in the mailbox today! WOW! I feel so giddy from the free samples and coupons!
Today I got:
Simple Inspired, a coupon book from Home Made Simple with over $30 in savings!
Revel in the Day, a coupon book from Home Made Simple with over $27 in savings!
A sample of Always Infinity plus a $1 off coupon!
A sample of Sunsilk's Daring Volume collection (contained shampoo, conditioner and hairspray samples), plus $2 worth of coupons!
A sample of John Frieda Collection Luxurious Volume collection (contained shampoo and conditioner samples) plus a $2 off coupon!
A sample of Jergen's Naturals Daily Moisturizers collection (contained samples of Hydrate, Renew and Soothe) plus a $1 off coupon!
How am I getting these samples, freebies and coupons? That's the beauty of following sites like Deal Seeking Mom and Freebies for Mom. (See the Web sites I follow list on the right of my blog.) These Web sites are in the know on what deals to get, where to get freebies and samples, what coupons are out and more!
A few of the things I've received have also been from WalMart.com, where there is a section you can check for free samples to order.
And you can go to your favorite brands and get samples and coupons by signing up for newsletters and stuff that keep you in the loop on savings, new products and more!
It's well worth the time when you get a free sample or a coupon that you can use later, especially if said product is on sale at your favorite store!

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