Sunday, February 1, 2009

No cookie sale here!

I was shocked this afternoon when the door bell rang, followed by rapid knocking. As I was getting up to answer the front door (I was sitting in the back room/family room with C), more rapid knocking followed.
When I got the door, the person was rushing back to a parked van in our driveway. But she turned when she heard the door open and rushed back to me.
It was a GIRL SCOUT selling cookies! I was shocked by what I felt was rude behavior. Was the rapid knocking really necessary? Just ring the door bell and wait. Don't add the rapid knocking....twice!!
When I heard the ring/knock combo the first time I felt that someone was in need. Then, as I was walking to the door, I suspected a sales person because we had a similar ring/knock situation from some cocky college kid selling something.
So note to sales people, just ring and wait. Don't add the rapid knock unless you are in need of some help!
The Girl Scout did not get an order from us. I will gladly support the Girl Scouts. For a brief time I was one myself. I like it when they approach me personally to get cookies. But her sales approach was wrong.
Did I correct her? No. I wanted her away as fast as I could, given that she was likely interrupting the girls' nap time. The girl did not give me her name or troop number. She seemed to feel that the words Girl Scout cookies would have done their magic.
So I was turned off by her approach. Also, I suspect she is not from the neighborhood, given that she chose to ride around rather than hoofing it by foot in the neighborhoods.
The Girl Scouts who did get our order this year were girls who approached me personally. One girl (and her mother) even braved the cold, walking the neighborhood to gather orders.
The ringer/knocker/passenger needs to work on her sales skills.

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td99 said...

How rude! I wouldn't have brought any either. I bet she isn't going to get many sales.