Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Family update

It's time for a family update.
C is busy on his current project. Things have been pretty busy these days, including some late-ish nights. So he has been worn out lately. He is more involved in his men's ministry through church. At nights with the girls, he is subjected to games like dolls and other make believe games created by S. With M, he is a little more physical. She loves to goof around and her thing lately has been belly bumps: she'll stick her belly way out and run full out toward C to bang into his chest/belly. She loves it and always wants "more."

I have been busy these days but not with freelance work. That area has kind of thinned, due to the economy. Ad sales are low, which affects the copy content and amount. As of now I am writing for one publication, with two more out there as possibilities based on need. It's a lighter load but I don't mind. I am glad for what I can get and pray that more will come in the very near future! In the meantime, I can spend more time with the family and hey! I've been able to somewhat catch up on things at home/devote more energy to other things. For instance, our laundry is all caught up, which is unheard of! I mean, everything except for what we've worn in the past couple days has been washed. Folded....well, that's another thing. I've been pretty good at trying to keep up, although as I write I have two baskets to fold and another load in the dryer. I'll get to those in the next couple days while I watch my soaps and eat bon-bons. HA!!!!! HA!!!!! That's a good one!

S is our tenderhearted girl. She really loves homeschooling. She is pretty good at it. We are at "S" right now. This summer we may focus on reading. I haven't thought to "next year." She still has one more year before K. She is still in ballet. This year she probably won't be participating in the company's production of Pipi Longstocking. I honestly don't know what the little kids would be doing in it. Last Saturday she started a preschool drawing class at the local parks and rec department. She had a really good time. She drew a big fat cat that was pretty darn good! She is our little artist. She is also a people pleaser. She likes attention. She is more emotional. She is tender-hearted. She is a bog helper. And once in a while we get a little hint of defiance or stubbornness.

M....what can we say. She is smart, sweet and a fire cracker! She is in a tumbling class, which she enjoys. She loves to watch S at ballet and loves even more when she gets to participate. She is more vocal these days so we pretty much understand what she is saying. Of course, she has other ways of getting her point across. With M she has a fierce independent streak and a hot temper. I don't know who she gets that from. She has an awfully sneaky look too. She loves to test limits and boundaries and has seen more than her fair share of time outs and chill-outs. But then she can be sweet or goofy and you forget, for just a moment, why you were angry/frustrated/fed up with her and you just want to snuggle up to her and never let go.

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