Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Table

Here is the table we bought earlier this month. We really enjoy it. So far it has fared well. There are a few small marks on it already; right on M's side, thanks to her future career as a drummer!
Sadly, I flipped out when she started banging on the table with her spoon, putting a few indentations into the table. But I quickly apologized and hugged and kissed her. After all, it adds character to the table, even if we'd only had it a few days! But if it wasn't going to be from her now, it would have happened some other way later.
And I think it eases C's mind so that the table isn't so perfect. I guess we were used to the cat scratches, missing pieces and other marks that this table seemed too perfect to him.
And we get to send in for our first $2 grocery card. I easily bought $100 worth of groceries. So we submit our receipts to the company doing this deal and in a few weeks we should get a $25 gift card for our chosen grocery store. Super sweet!

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amyb said...

Nice table! We just got a new one last winter. Ours had character built-in and was made scratched, but I still want to keep it nice, so I purchased a vinyl tablecloth and some nice placemates. It still looks nice and this will hopefully preserve the table for when we don't have such messy eaters. When we have company I just pull off the tablecloth and there is that neat table underneath!