Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Case in Point

To go along with my blog about Raising Godly Children, I was appalled to read this article in the local paper today about a school district that allowed a PG-13 movie with some nudity to be shown in a local high school!!!
This is exactly the thing that "this world is coming to."Our children are exposed to sex images all the time and schools allow it, not just in the fashion kids are allowed to wear while in school but through what they read and what they view in a classroom setting!
There is NO NEED for this type of stuff. Parents SHOULD be allowed to stand up for their morals. Instead, they are knocked down by the principal and teacher, who say parents have no say in the curriculum. They are mocked by the readers, who blast the parents. How disgusting!
I applaud the parents for standing up for their beliefs, for wanting to protect their child, for showing society that enough is enough.
Parents, please guard your children! Be a filter. Be diligent. Stand up for your beliefs. And PRAY! Pray for the schools, the children, the world.

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