Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 2/3

Day 2 was filled with some highs and lows.
Food-wise, we still enjoy the beans, rice and oatmeal. We tried baked oatmeal at breakfast and I made refried beans for lunch, which C said he would eat over canned refried beans. We tried lentils and rice for dinner. M did not like the lentils so she did not eat much dinner.
The hunger challenge is definately affecting us. I, for one, am more tired. I had a headache the night of Day 2 and later, after dinner, had a very queasy stomach. I honestly find I don't have as much energy.
M had a rough morning at the church where I do a book study. She was excited to go when we left the house but when we pulled up to the church she started to say she didn't want to play with her friends. When I got her to her classroom, she cried and clung to me. So unlike her because normally she has no problems being dropped off. One of the childcare workers tried to help out but M continued to cry as I left. Later, someone had to come and get me because M was having a hard time and they weren't sure what to do. I brought her to my class and, after a snack of raisins, she seemed fine. So when I had to change her diaper I decided to try to get her back into her classroom, which we did without any tears or anything! The childcare workers were amazed and said she was a different girl after spending some time with me. Maybe she needed some extra Mommy time. Maybe this hunger challenge diet is affecting her.
Since before Christmas, I have felt called to give more. We have so much and there are so many, especially these days, who are doing without.
The purpose of the hunger challenge is so we can understand what it is like for those who have little to no food. And then, in turn, give to help them. All they get is rice and beans or whatever rations they can get from help organizations or whatever they can forage or beg for. I think about the hundreds of children who die every day from starvation. I think of the parents who can't afford to feed everyone or who have to hear their child cry constantly because they are hungry. My heart bleeds.
I don't know what it's like locally for those in need. I picture soup kitchens and food pantry's but beyond that I don't know. How sad. Have I been so wrapped up in my own little world, with my own little cares? Have I turned away from those in need? I want to know so I can help those in need.
This morning, Day 3, I felt tired after getting the girls ready and into the van so we could get to ballet. After buckling M in, I felt a wave of queasiness and prayed, right there in the garage, Lord, give me strength. I hate that people in other countries feel like this all the time. Weak, helpless, tired because they don't have the energy. (Granted, what I am experiencing on this, Day 3, SOOOO pales in comparison to those living like this day to day.)
Lord, I prayed, send me. Here I am. I want to help. So I got into the van, turned it on and then turned on the radio. After a few seconds of silence, I kid you not, Downhere's song "Here I Am" came on.
WOW! I felt God was listening and responding. Where is he sending me? I don't know yet. I feel called to help locally. I know the world problems are great but I feel that locally there is so much we can do. Is it me just wanting to stay in my comfortable world? Maybe. But I do feel there is a need locally. So I am excited to see where God sends me.
S continues to learn from the experience. She know people are in need and she wants to help. But I can tell the food fare is growing old for her. She wants her normal food and is eager for Sunday after church to come. She continues to eat the beans and rice and oatmeal. And she is pretty good about eating to the last drop even.
Her POV on the experience so far: "It teaches me what it's like; what things taste like when the poor people eat it." She says she has also learned that the poor people don't have very much food. She wants to help them. "I would give them money and food and do all sorts of stuff."

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