Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who me?

I had to laugh today when the Target cashier today asked me if I was a coupon queen.
Today was our big shopping day with stops at Walgreens, Target, Kohl's and, maybe later after the girls wake up, Pick-N-Save.
At Target I told the cashier I had coupons and gave her a stack of them. She laughed and said "I guess you do!" I would imagine the sight of me with my coupons and coupon binder would make her guess I am a "coupon queen."
I've been using coupons more for the past couple months, maybe longer. It's not always consistent but I do a better job these days of keeping an eye on coupons available and sales at stores. I love to check out the end caps at Target. And I love to match up sales and coupons. Every little bit helps, that's for sure.
Walgreens netted some good deals, especially on Swiffer products and yet more Progresso soup.
The Kohl's trip by far was my favorite. Ninety-five percent of the purchases (stuff for me and the girls) were the Gold Star Clearance items. I also used my $30 Kohl's cash and the 30 percent off sticker I'd gotten in the mail!! All in all, I spent less on the shopping today (and got more) than what we spent on Chris last weekend!

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Jessica said...

Woo Hoo! Good job Linda!!