Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was spent in a perfect way: in!!
We enjoyed our traditional heart shaped pizza with the girls. The girls got little goodie bags as well as a movie and Charlie and Lola winter activity gift.
C also wrote very touching letters for his three girls. :) It made me cry.
I also received from him two CD of Keith Cooper music. I love his music!!
C received chocolates, cards and a balloon from the girls and a photo album with our honeymoon pictures from me.
C and I were going to end the night by watching Fireproof, a movie we've had for over two weeks, but exhaustion and an early morning have us postponing our plans.
I am, however, super psyched for tomorrow night! Our church is offering a Great Dates program. Once a month, couples get together for dessert, a speaker and a chance to reconnect and strengthen their marriage.
I know Fireproof is a good movie and I am excited to see it with C but I think I look more forward to Great Dates, where we can be kid-free and focus on us.
C and I used to be movie buffs. We loved watching movies; in the theater, renting from the movie store and buying DVD's as soon as they come out. Now a days, we buy a new movie and it sits for a while before we open it. Honestly, it's a matter of finding time to watch movies. The weekends are usually filled with house work or just vegging. Watching a movie, especially something like Fireproof, requires attention and focus. At night, forget about it! Again, busy with all sorts of stuff, working on the computer, or just to tired to sit and watch a two and a half hour movie. :)

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