Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 1

Today is our first day of our church's Five Day Hunger Challenge.
Breakfast consisted of oatmeal (seasoned with brown sugar and cinnamon for me and the girls.) M ate two bowls.
S and I made tortillas in the morning to be served with lunch. Then I made some rice (lightly seasoned with garlic sat and onion powder) and pinto beans.
It was a tasty meal. M ate all of her lunch and asked for seconds, although she did not touch the beans, which she gulped down in the first serving. She seemed to enjoy the rice especially, after initially showing no interest in it.
S ate her meal, although she seemed to think she needed to chew every single grain and pinto bean.
Dinner will be the same: tortillas, beans and rice. I plan to take any leftover beans and mash them up into refried beans for lunch tomorrow.
I've enjoyed the food. Personally for me, I've had the urge for something sweet. Like I really could go for a soda or even a piece of gum. I am drinking a lot of water but my mouth has this....uck feeling. Like I can't quench my thirst enough. I think I will try some chai tea soon.
S and I talked about how people in poverty don't have electricity. We even turned off lights and closed the blinds in the kitchen to have a bit of semi-darkness. Later S colored a picture of the Earth and the World Map, which called for coloring the countries different colors.
Then we read a couple books on Africa. It was very educational and sparked a lot of conversation.
I'll post some pictures later.

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