Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Artist or Astronaut?

S had shown an interest in outer space recently. We covered the universe in our homeschooling and I found a book about space recently at a garage sale. She also loved watching a re-cap of the shuttle Atlantis taking off this week for its mission to repair the Hubble telescope.
So now she talks about being an astronaut. And the other day she had a dream about travelling in space with the astronauts. Apparently, they had a middle seat for her to sit in and they took her to all the planets and she got to look out the window to see everything. She wants to walk on the moon one day.
The other day she blended her artistic ability with her interest in outer space by drawing a picture of an astronaut in space.
We are taking a trip to Chicago soon and she picked the Adler Planetarium over the Field Museum.
Space Camp here she comes!

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