Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gardening Part 2

Today I finished the last of my planting. I bought some more potting soil so I could plant the lettuce seed paper I got recently from Kraft Food and Family magazine and the herb seed paper I'd gotten from Kashi.
The lettuce went into another cat litter container. I did not read up on planting lettuce but I figured this would be an OK container.
The Kashi seed paper went into a hanging planter by the patio door.
So now I wait. And wonder. Will anything take? Will this be a flop? What will I do with so many tomatoes! Do I need tomato food for the tomatoes And herbs? Will the herbs produce some nice flowers, like the chives I have? I'd asked a friend for chives last year because they produced these beautiful purple flowers. The suckers came back this year, which is super! I see the flower buds now so I am excited to see them bloom. And, now that I will potentially have thyme, oregano and basil, well, I can use chives for recipes. :)
Next step in my gardening efforts will be to finish pulling weeds in the back bed. But that may have to wait until next week.

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