Thursday, May 14, 2009


There have been some strong storms in the nation recently that have produced tornadoes, which brings to mind that I need to check on our emergency supplies in the basement.
Maybe it comes from the time we spent in North Carolina but I like to have supplies on hand in case we need them.
Yes, a tornado is different from a hurricane. For one thing, you can plan in advance for a hurricane, even leave the area. Tornadoes can pop out with little to no notice. So with that in mind, I don't want to be scrambling for supplies should a tornado hit and we need to seek shelter.
Our shelter would be in the basement, which we use for storage and laundry.
The previous owner used one corner of the basement for a craft area complete with shelves and storage options. I'm using one craft cabinet as a place to store our emergency supplies: blanket, some food and snacks, can opener, extra clothes, toys and activities for the girls, first aid kit, diapers and wipes. That corner of the basement also has a television and radio and a flashlight with extra batteries.
Again, the supplies we'd need so that should we need to seek shelter, we can be comfortable. On the plus side, we've got a mini-pantry in the basement so we could raid that, if needed. :)

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