Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Reading programs

Summer also means summer reading! Being the nerd I was in my youth, I could often be found with a nose in a book. I loved to read! And still do, when I can get the time.
I love that the girls love to read as well. We have pictures of the girls sitting in their rocker, surrounded by a pile of books. The girls would also come to us with a stack of books to read. :)
So we get involved in the summer reading programs at the library. Yes, they have a program for kids as young as 3. And yes, that means parents have to read to their kids, but, seriously, what a way to bond with them and share or discover favorite stories!
Our local library is starting it's summer reading program in June. The program has weekly prizes for reading. And library is also offering a 40 Books Challenge, where your child reads 40 books and they receive a certificate of appreciation. Maybe that is more for school-aged kids...
Anyway, summer reading programs are fun!! I believe places like Barnes and Noble and Half-Priced Books offer reading programs as well so check them out!
I was super psyched, too, to see that local libraries in our area are participating in the Passport to Nature--No Child Left Inside! What an awesome program! Kudos to the programs that support such a program. These days kids stay indoors in front of the computer or television or glued to some gaming system. But this program encourages kids, and families, to get outside and explore local nature centers! We did it last year and the girls loved checking out the nature centers and parks. However, there was one forest we ventured through and nearly got carried away by mosquitoes! It was bad! My advice for the nature centers: lather up on sunscreen and bug repellent! And bring along some water, snacks, wipes and Band-aids.
I also tried to make our nature center and park visits educational. For instance, we explored the different educational aspects at the nature centers and tried to explore the parks in other ways, like we did a five senses walk through the forest. It was fun.
If your library does not have such a program, I would highly encourage you take the summer to check out your local nature centers or parks. It's fun and educational. And bring along a picnic! Summer and picnics go hand in hand! And don't forget to bring along your child's library book!

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