Thursday, May 28, 2009

Garden update

The garden is pretty much on its own right now. We've gotten a bit of rain the past couple days so I'll be interested to see how the tomato, lettuce and herb plants do.
Last week we got a little rain and the weeds exploded in the flower bed. It took me nearly two hours to pull all the little buggers out!!
When we moved rocks from the back flower bed to the bed by the pond, we accidentally put one over a hosta. We didn't realize it until we saw the leafy green poking from under the rock! So we moved the rock and the hosta was pretty flat. But those things are pretty strong! When we got back from our Memorial weekend away, the hosta looked normal.
C picked up some wood from the farm this weekend, with the idea that he'll build a frame around six of the containers. (I think mostly to hide the green containers. It is a bit of a bright green.) S is excited about having a frame so she can paint on it. Although she really wants to paint the Subway logo on it for some reason. :)

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