Thursday, May 28, 2009


S graduated from preschool (again) last week. This is her second time through the four-week program at the local high school. She absolutely loves it! The high school buddies are super to the kids. And the kids learn a lot of fun things.

So last week they had a graduation ceremony and slide show. It was neat to see the pictures of the kids doing crafts, listening to stories, playing and such.

After the ceremony the kids got to eat sugary frosted cupcakes. Thankfully we decided to go to a park afterwards to burn that sugar off!

Next fall/winter, both girls will be participating in the preschool program. M will be a week or two shy of turning 3 (3!!!) but that shouldn't be an issue. And hopefully, with her going through ballet this summer, she will be more likely to sit still and participate and learn.

S will go through the program for sure in the fall/winter since she won't be in K yet. We'll see if she can do the following spring but if not (because of her age or whatnot) that's OK. I plan to continue homeschooling, which will include reading and Spanish and math.

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